Blue Hotel — With comfortable rooms, affordable prices, and excellent service, Blue Hotel is a fantastic choice for travelers visiting Bacalar on a budget. This hostel features a bar with cheap prices, a cafe, a social courtyard and fun and different activities every day. I just need some clarification on my budget needs ad how much things cost in Merida. There are gorgeous mansions and beach-side all-inclusive resorts, as well as some small hidden Mayan ruins located in the jungle along the side of the street. Most of the big tour buses bringing visitors in by the hundreds from Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen won’t show up until an hour or two after that, giving you a bit of time to explore the ruins in relative peace. The only thing I will say is I didn’t meet as many solo female travellers as I have in other parts of the world. Book at, Hotel Colonial La Aurora – Located on Calle 42 between Calles 35 and 37. Loncheria El Amigo Casiano is a casual “fast food” eatery located inside Valladolid’s open-air food court and is very popular with the locals. Pacsafe — We can’t recommend our Pacsafe enough: this travel safe is affordable, sturdy, easy to pack, and will help keep your valuables safe in your hotel room (not that you should need to worry much about theft in the Yucatan, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!). In the morning, take a taxi or rent a bicycle to Cenotes Xkeken and Samula, located 7 km from Valladolid. 268,791 reviews. Que ceux qui ont déjà été à New York me fasse part de leurs expériences, j'attends vos conseils! You will find that there are many structures within the ruins site that are completely engulfed in the jungle and new ruins continue to be uncovered to this day. If so, check yourself in for relaxation and pampering at the popular and well-reviewed Maya Bacalar Boutique Hotel for a taste of luxury… at far more affordable prices than a similar accommodation would go for in Tulum or Playa del Carmen. White sand beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, deep jungle wilderness, excellent cheap food, and fabulous scuba diving make it a great vacation destination. Budget : Road trip dans le Yucatan au Mexique de 10 jours à 1000 euros par personne Le coup de la vie au Mexique est ridicule comparé à celui de France ou de l’Amérique du Nord. The colorful, small city of Valladolid is a laid-back and delightful place to explore: the Zocalo, cathedral, and the Convent of San Bernardino de Siena are all worth a look, as are the many delicious restaurants and the colorful street of Calzada de los Frailes. For smaller day trips like visiting Ek Balam and the cenotes around Valladolid, though, you’d need to either negotiate a taxi (not terribly difficult, but a hassle, especially if you’re not comfortable negotiating in Spanish), jump in a collectivo, or book a tour. I drove to Cancun/Playa from Tulsa,OK a few years ago and I’m actually looking to go back this summer for long term. Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is one of those just-right destinations that is easy enough to travel in that newer travelers will feel comfortable exploring, and fascinating enough that veteran travelers will never be bored. You can snorkel, swim or dive at this cenote. Book at, Hotel Colorado – Located on Calle 4 Norte between Avenidas 20 and 25. From there, you will take a ride on a horse-drawn rail cart to a series of three amazing and off the beaten path cenotes. Check rates & book your stay at Hotel Tuparenda! El Meson del Marques – Located on Calle 39 between Calles 40 and 42. Here are a few of our suggestions for what to do on the last day of your road trip in the Yucatan…. With a flawless combination of safety, ease of travel, and unforgettable sights, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect Mexico road trip than one through the Yucatan. Spend the evening at Merida’s Plaza Grande. With one more day of your Yucatan road trip left and an excellent central base in or near Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Maya is your oyster. A guide is required to tour the caves and there are set times for tours from 9 AM to 4 PM daily. Find the right tour package for you through Yucatan. The best company to rent a car for your road trip in Mexico from will likely vary dramatically depending on exactly when you’re traveling. You can choose to sit inside the restaurant or outside surrounded by a lush garden behind the restaurant. Spend time exploring and swimming in each cenote and enjoying the natural beauty and magical atmosphere of these unique underground sinkholes. Pool. The hostel features a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool with hammocks situated overtop of the water, free wireless internet, and free breakfast. Apoala Mexican Cuisine – Located at Calle 60 and Calle 55. All rooms have a private bathroom. It is a small, casual and authentic eatery that serves the cheapest tacos in Tulum (7 pesos each) complete with a self-serve salsa bar. The colorful, beautiful expat haven of Merida is incredibly popular with visitors planning long stays in the Yucatan, but it’s quite far out of the way for this Yucatan itinerary that focuses more on the southern and central parts of the peninsula. Visit Ek Balam and Cenote X’canche. After the initial few hours of getting used to driving in Mexico, we found our road trip to be extremely relaxing. I completely understand feeling overwhelmed… There is so much information out there! Best Of The Yucatan Peninsula In 2019 1: Explore Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins Of Chichen Itza. Look out over the beauty of the Bacalar Lagoon, and you may just be convinced that you’ve been transported to the Maldives or to an obscure Pacific atoll. The Yak is a popular and well-known hostel in town with a social and party atmosphere, which makes it a great place to meet new people. Je logerai sûrement dans une auberge de jeunesse. Additional Car Insurance — Whether you purchase a policy with World Nomads that covers car rental (only some of theirs do, so double-check! They also have nightly classes, lessons and activities to participate in like salsa dancing lessons, morning yoga classes and Mexican cooking lessons. The free wireless internet here is also the fastest that I experienced in Mexico. Let’s see how I go in Central America. Thanks! I went to Holbox from Cancun and I think it took about 3 hours on the bus and it’s a similar distance. We would be happy to stay here again! Featuring brilliantly beautiful water, a slightly wild feel, and a waterfall, Cenote X’canche is one of those places where it is easy to understand why the Mayan religion purports that cenotes are the entrances to the underworld. It includes a combination of adventure, history, nature, culture, and relaxation. x, All photos by Brittany of // Used with permission. In the afternoon, you can take a taxi or bicycle to Hacienda San Lorenzo Oxman Cenote, which is located just 4 km south of Valladolid. After lunch in Merida, take a second class bus from the Noreste Terminal to the colourful and colonial town of Izamal. Itinéraire et budget détaillés. I’d love to hear any more tips or suggestions (or questions.) 20 Dec 2020 - Find & Book the top-rated and best-reviewed tours in Yucatan Peninsula for 2020. As your Yucatan road trip comes to a close, it’s time to return to Cancun–but if you have time, before heading to the airport, consider hitting the beach one last time! Our fellow American travelers do tend to stick to the Riviera Maya (basically the corridor between Cancun and Tulum), but every place on this Yucatan road trip itinerary has a fairly developed tourism structure, with plenty of hotels, restaurants, and tourism services. With lots of speed bumps (more on that below) and very few street lights, the Yucatan peninsula is not an ideal place to drive at night. Spend the entire day exploring this bustling Mexican city which is full of activity and has no shortage of things to see and do. But nervous of travelling solo. What do you think of this itinerary? Have fun!! After you finish up at Chichen Itza itself, be sure to take a dip in nearby Cenote Ik Kil! They serve a variety of moderately-priced authentic Yucatecan dishes. If your flight arrives in the late afternoon or evening, though, you’ll want to spend your first night in Cancun itself and then get an early start by driving to Valladolid the next morning. Take some time to swim in this gorgeous underground sinkhole and jump into the water using the rope swing! Alternatively, you could wake up early and head right to Bacalar to maximize your time at this otherworldly lagoon–more on it below. ), as well as Mexican tourists exploring their own country and a fair number of long term travelers/people backpacking the Yucatan. El Nativo – Avenida 30 between Avenida Constituyentes and Calle 20. #3 Best Value of 5,023 places to stay in Yucatan Peninsula. Dining will represent one of the largest expenses in any budget, although a wide range of prices makes accurate budgeting difficult. Like in virtually all places around the world, driving is a bit more complex and congested in and around large cities, but not overly difficult for confident drivers. El Meson del Marques is a more upscale restaurant that features a beautiful courtyard with a peaceful and relaxing setting and Mexican decor. At many of the small local eateries, $10(USD) per person is a fairly good estimate for a meal; eating at an upscale restaurant can run as high as $50(USD) per person. You can rent a bicycle from one of a few places along the main avenue in town and bike there along the highway or take a short five-minute taxi ride from town to the cenote. The most popular month to go is February, which has the most number of tour departures. Safety is a very complicated subject, of course (I discussed a bit more about safety in Mexico here), but generally speaking, yes. El Rincon Chiapaneco – Located on Calle Jupiter Sur, just south of the main avenue (across from the ADO bus terminal). Tres Mundos is a unique, colourful and comfortable hostel with a friendly social atmosphere and where guests are treated like family. Special offer. You’ll almost certainly have a hard time comprehending that the brilliant blue you see doesn’t come from a sea or ocean of any kind, but from a freshwater lagoon. It is located within minutes of some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the world. Check rates & book your stay at Le Muuch Hotel! SERIOUSLY hoping your trip can happen this year, for so many reasons. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Use the resources that are available to make your trip special and save money: Today's travelers have numerous options when planning their vacation. Happy travels! From there, you can take a taxi to the Grutas de Loltun.The Loltun Caves are one of the largest dry-cave systems on the Yucatan Peninsula. It features a tropical garden and common terrace and has colourful decor infused with a Mexican flavour. Great post, Kate. Suivez le guide! Yucatan. Over the last 30 days, cheap hotels in Yucatan have been available starting from $23, though prices have typically been closer to $42. Mama’s Home – Located on Calle Orion between Calles Venus and Sol. In the evening, head to the central square to experience the vibrancy and local activity. It is family-run and small. ). Check rates & book your stay at Casa Aluxes Hotel! One of the great things about having a blog is connecting with amazing people from all over the world … and picking their brains for new ideas! Truly, we found driving in the Yucatan to be far, far easier than driving in most places we’ve been in Europe. This restaurant serves delicious traditional Mexican and Oaxacan-style cuisine. Mexico Budget Travel Guide 2019. On one side is the US to MX peso and on the other side is the MX peso to US in convenient increments. Ahh I’m so happy to hear that Jessica! If you click through a link on Lone Star Travel Guide, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. sticker shock: Tulum is not only expensive as compared to other cities in Mexico, it’s just expensive, period. The private double rooms include a fan, fridge, cable TV, and fast and free Wi-Fi. ... local Mexican buses in the Yucatan can take you everywhere for very little money. Flor de Michoacan – Calle 2 between Avenida 15 and 20. You will likely be able to walk to your accommodation, as most are located close to the central square. The rooms have air conditioning, a safe, cable television and private bathroom. A bunk bed in a hostel dorm room can be reserved for about $10-16 a night. When you venture away from Fifth Avenue and wander the streets that the locals frequent, you will be rewarded with the discovery of small local shops, authentic family-owned taquerias serving delicious traditional Mexican cuisine, and an often relaxing environment where you are able to immerse yourself deeper into the culture. I recommend renting bicycles once you are inside the ruins site, which makes it easier and faster to get around and explore the ruins, which are very spread out through the jungle. This small hotel is charming and has a laid-back atmosphere with unique and colourful decor. Loncheria El Amigo Casiano – Located at Calle 39 and 40. Bacalar, both the town and the lagoon it is named after, is a sleepy, beautiful place where it’s easy to kick back, relax, and enjoy some truly unique nature. You cut them into wallet size pieces by folding and gluing them. This itinerary showcases some of the best cities, towns and attractions that the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico has to offer! Between the overwhelming number of interesting sights, absolutely sublime food, and incredibly welcoming culture, we can never get enough of Mexico–and with this 10 day Yucatan itinerary, we hope we can help you fall in love with it too! Tulum is the perfect base for visiting the ruins of Tulum and Coba, along with some of the many cenotes that surround the area. Snorkeling in an enclosed cenote is an unforgettable experience. All of the birding spots are easily accessible, the roads are wide, paved, and in great condition, and people (away from the super touristy areas) are very friendly. They also offer a discount on bike rentals from town. La Senda is an adorable restaurant that serves a variety of unique Mexican dishes, specializing in vegetarian and vegan options. With far fewer crowds and plenty of structures that you can climb, visiting Ek Balam is an absolute delight and one of our personal favorite stops on this Yucatan road trip. I expect to obviously go souvenir shopping, visit bars and clubs on Fri / … Découvrez nos circuits dans le Yucatan : plages, réserves naturelles, étendues sauvages, sites archéologiques, iles, haciendas et tous les incontournables ... 10 Jours. Ek Balam is located about half an hour from Valladolid, and in contrast with bustling Chichen Itza the previous day, will likely feel downright deserted. Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula has something for everyone. Check out the Oaxaca page on for a huge variety of lodging! It has a serene and peaceful atmosphere and features an on-site restaurant serving vegan and international cuisine, gift shop, an outdoor swimming pool, free wireless internet and bright Mexican decor. The views from the top are unbelievable! The Ek Balam ruins are surrounded by dense jungle and they are more off the beaten path and lesser known than other ruins in the area. Cell Phone Holder — This is especially important if you don’t have a reliable co-pilot: the last thing you want to do is be fumbling with the GPS on your phone during your road trip in the Yucatan. Cancun has some of the best beaches in Mexico, and some are absolutely free to visit, including the positively magnificent Playa Delfines. Casa Aluxes is located in Valladolid, Yucatán, 250 meters from the cathedral. Valladolid has a fantastic selection of places to stay, ranging from budget hostels to beautiful boutique hotels. When we return to Valladolid yet again, we’ll definitely consider staying again. To be honest, I think it’s pretty far to go for a day trip. Thanks for stopping by Daisy! Looking for something a little different? Je vous présente le trajet que j’ai fait, ce que j’y ai vu et mes conseils si vous souhaitez vous aussi faire ce voyage de rêve. It’s a fairly fast-paced itinerary in the sense that it packs a lot in and involves climbing many pyramids, but to drive this route straight through without traffic would actually only take around 12 hours–you’ll drive a bit more than that, counting day trips and such, but the bottom line is that it’s a very doable distance in 10 days! Topes (in English, speed bumps) are the major way that speed limits are enforced in the Yucatan peninsula, especially in towns and other population centers. You can choose to stay in mixed dorms ranging from four to twelve beds as well as private rooms. Oui, 10 jours de road trip au Yucatan, l’une des plus belles régions du Mexique. It cost's just $2 to make the 20 minute journey from Playa del Carmen to Tulum, for example.. The roundtrip flight from Texas to Cancún was US 160 (seeing that flying from Canada to anywhere would cost twice as much, this was a treat!) Wake up early and take a shared colectivo taxi from Calle 44 between Calles 35 and 37 to the ruins of Ek Balam, located about 25 minutes north of Valladolid. Hotel Maria Guadalupe is a clean and simple budget hotel located in the centre of Valladolid. THE 10 BEST Yucatan Peninsula Hotels. Parts of it, yes, but it would be more of a hassle to reach some spots. This city is a fantastic place to learn about and immerse yourself in the local culture and history. Book at, Barrio Latino Hotel – Located on Calle 4 between Avenidas 10 and 15. The rooftop, where the included breakfast is served and there is a small pool, has a lovely view of the lagoon in the distance! Maya Bacalar Boutique Hotel — Want to stay directly on the lake, with a restaurant and spa located on-site and no reason to leave? There might even be a dance or musical performance. Beach. If you have the time, I’d definitely recommend spending some time on Holbox, we were there for a week and I loved it. The private rooms are air conditioned and have a safe and cable television. The Yak – Located on Calle 10 Norte Bis between Avenidas 10 and 15. It has a charming, friendly and laid-back social atmosphere. Uxmal is an impressive set of ruins, and is a large site with many fascinating structures. The best way to find your rental car is to search through Discover Cars, which will sift through dozens of companies to find the best combination of low prices and reasonable rental terms for your Yucatan road trip. On day 6, it’s time to head to the most up-and-coming destination on this 10 day Yucatan itinerary, a place we’ve heard described as “what Tulum was 30 years ago”: Bacalar. ), 25 Reasons You Should Try Backpacking Mexico Next, The Ultimate Road Trip Packing List: 50+ Road Trip Essentials You Need, The peninsula is known as one of the safest regions for tourists in all of Mexico (and for the record, we have always felt. The hostel features common areas, wireless internet and free continental breakfast. The hostel features an outdoor courtyard with hammocks and communal tables, fun nightly social activities, super fast wireless internet and the most elaborate and delicious free breakfasts I have ever experienced at a hostel.

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